Saturday, November 22, 2008

Confused and Disappointed

Hey folks. I've been on pins and needles all week about the next Charlie the Unicorn. It would appear that there has been a misunderstanding on my part. Episode 3 is out, but YouTube is only showing it on YouTube Live at the moment. It might be a day or two before I can get my hands on it and post it here. YouTube Live just launched tonight, I think, and it's like watching live TV. They're doing a rebroadcast at the moment of some concert and it'll be a while before Charlie comes back around. Hopefully it will be more available tomorrow.

Now, to compensate for such a disappointment, I must drink myself into the deepest drunken stupor imaginable. The sadness and horror. I don't know how I'll make it through the night. :P

Anyhoo, we're all doing great here. I hope you are too. Check back tomorrow.



Vicki said...

All right Jason!
Me and the kids are waiting on pins and needles too!

I had never heard about Charlie before finding Christy....
I was watching one of the links when you were blogging for her and it was late...
Anyhoo.. I was watching and the next morning my son says, Mom, were you watching Charlie?? I thought I heard him in my dreams last night?! hahahaha

I thought it was great that they BOTH knew who Charlie was and I had no clue.
We all watch him now. It's pretty cool ~ gave us a good laugh and another thing that we can now talk and joke about!
You are cooler than you know!

brad said...


I waited all last night for Charlie. I checked this morning and this afternoon, Still no Charlie : {

My Popcorn and hot dogs are now cold and the sodas are hot..

I am fighting the urge to go over to You tube and watch the show....

Sometimes I feel just like Charlie...

I hope You Guys are having a good Sunday...


Shea said...

I've got to know!! Did you go watch the twilight movie. I was so disappointed. I am certain that they got Edward all wrong. Did Casey watch it? What did she think?

Christy said...

Casey said that she loved all the characters except for Edward and Bella.. yeah, the main ones. She said Kristen Stewart did an OK job, but they could have cast it better. She said Robert Pattinson was all wrong for Edward. She loved the people who played James and Victoria. In no way did this live up to the book, but she wasn't expecting it too.
I haven't seen it, and will probably wait until it comes on video. I have to have closed captioning b/c I can't hear anything in a movie if I don't use it. It makes more sense to wait.

Shea said...

She was right! I hated Edward!!! He was just awful. In the book he is so cool and confident. In the movie he truly acts scared and timid, not Edward at all. I was not sure if you read lips or not. I have hearing loss, though not to the degree that you do. I have always read lips though, so at home it helps. Anyway, you did not miss much. It was really not very good.

Christy said...

I do read lips Shea, but it's so hard to do in movies. I do it much better in person.
I have been to the theaters that have closed captioning, but they make you put this mirror gadget in your drink holder and it stands out like a sore thumb. It's rather ridiculous looking. It just makes it easier to wait until video.