Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Labs, and plans for the next several days

My dad arrived here in Durham around 11:30 this morning. Jason is out getting some things at the pharmacy for me, and then he'll be heading back home. I don't have any appointments today, so I think I'll just take it easy. My incision is really hurting today. I think it's the combination of the swelling going down and pulling on the staples and all of the activity I did yesterday. I just took a pain pill, so hopefully that will be kicking in soon. I haven't been taking that many, because they really affect my appetite. I'm only averaging about 2 a day, which I think is pretty good.

My transplant coordinator called today and said my labs from yesterday look awesome! My creatinine is 0.5, which is the lowest it's been since lung transplant. I never thought I would see that number again. Whoo hoo! My other labs look great too. I'm not sure why I was having decreased urine output yesterday, but my labs sure don't reflect anything wrong.

I did get some sleep last night with the help of one extra sleep medicine. The extra med is probably why I'm so tired today. I'll be sure to get plenty of rest today for a full day of doc appts tomorrow. I have to be there for labs at 8 am, and then I'll see the transplant surgeon. After lunch, I'll have to see the rheumatologist, and then dad and I will head home. I can't wait to see Casey. She called me last night really missing me. It's been a really long week because she hasn't been with me.

My mom will be coming to Durham on Thursday for her follow-up appointment. My dad will have to bring her back here then. He has a lot of driving to do in the next several days. Dad says she's still moving pretty slow, but won't let anyone wait on her. That's just mom.. always doing things for others. Her friend Brenda is in town helping out with my nephew and driving my mom where she needs to go. Brenda will be staying with me on Thursday after Jason leaves for work.

On Saturday, if I'm feeling up to it, we are going to be going to my grandparent's house in Virginia for an early Thanksgiving celebration. I have to make sure that no one is sick before I go. Since I am so immunosuppressed right now, I have to make sure I avoid anyone with viruses or bacterial infections.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers. I hear through the grapevine of so many of you checking my blog and praying for me. It mean so much to know I have all of your support.

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brad said...

Hello Christy

It sounds like your doing Great...
I told Ya so na na na ,,lol

You have a busy week a head of You... I am glad to hear Your Mother is doing so well also.
I hope all goes well tomorrow.
You get some rest when You can..

You will be as fit as a fiddle by
Christmas : }

It's so nice to see you posting again..