Saturday, November 15, 2008

On A Short Leash

The doctors came in this morning and took the line out of Christy's neck.  Two hours later they announced that they're are giving us our walking papers.  So we're pretty much out of here when her existing I.V.'s are done; which will be between 2:30 and 3:30.

However, we've got to stay in town.  We will be checking in to the Millenium Durham and staying through Sunday night.  Duke wants us back for lab work Monday morning.  IF THE LABS ARE GOOD, then we get to go home and have to come back Wednesday morning for a clinical follow-up.

More to come



Heidi said...

Talk about making fast progress! Keep working hard to get out of bed and do your laps. Hang in there and keep kickin' butt!

brad said...

Wow Your getting out Fast !!!
Maybe thats why they call it a
Sports Bed, because it makes you better Fast..

Have Fun, take it easy, No dancing tonight Christy lol....

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! that is awesome...Heidi is right keep kickin' butt girly:) hy ya!! lol

Marjolein said...

Great news! You get to go home so fast.

Keep going the way you are now and you'll do just fine :-)

Big hug

Lisa J. said...

WOW great news!!! Hope you get home soon! Tell Christy I am thinking about her and praying for her!