Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Hump Day" Already?! UPDATED

Well, same thing as yesterday with Christy.  We're still having to remind her that she's already has her transplant.  She's still waiting for it to happen.  She's still in the ICU and we're still waiting for a bed to become available in a different ward; and this is a BIG hospital.  One nurse just mentioned in passing that the ER has been especially busy the past couple of days.

The doctors are going to reduce her pain medication, and take her off the Adavan(sp?).  At this point, the transplant doctor (not the surgeon) is getting concerned that Christy is not more aware today.  So, they're going to do a CT on her head just to be sure that everything is ok.  Please keep in mind that her nurse, who was with Christy yesterday, says that she is coming around.  All her stats are great;  Christy is doing better than yesterday.  

The doctor's that were doing the rounds spoke with me and said there's nothing to worry about.  They did agree, that although the CT is most likely not needed, that they want to do a CT just to be sure.

Gail is doing MUCH better today.  Her nausea is gone, but so is her appetite.  She's making laps on the floor with minimal assistance from Jackie.  Her doctor just came in to check on her, and he's kicking her out the door.  Gail is getting dressed and is going to see her daughter.  Now I'M ALL alone.  :(   At least until Christy wakes up.

So in celebration of Gail's early release, and because I love it so much (and there were so few comments) I'm giving you an encore presentation of Charlie the Unicorn.....yaaaaayyyy!


Heidi said...

Ok, I didn't watch the candy mountain video the first time, so I watched it today in the encore presentation. It's flippin' hilarious! Love it! Hope you start waking up soon Christy! I remember after lung tx how loopy I was...for like 4 days! I remember very little, which I guess was good.

brad said...

I didn't watch all of the video the first showing.I will after this ,since it got such rave reviews.

I Know Christy will be coming around soon and full of questions...

Let Her know were all thinking about Her and still sending good vibs
along with Lots of Prayers.

It's good that Christy's Mom is doing so well.

You have a good day and rest when you can.

Kathleen said...

Hi Jason! This is Kathleen, from Richmond (Christy's cousin Marshall's wife) I can't say thank you enough for your updates on Christy and Gail. I have been praying for all of you, each day. Sounds like things are progressing along, sure hope Christy wakes up soon, maybe after the docs adjust her drugs and more of the anesthesia wears off. Your blog makes me laugh and also tells me how lucky Christy is to have you in her life. Please tell everyone hello for us and that we continue to say our prayers for good days ahead, one day at a time. If I am ever sad I think I will just watch Charile the unicorn, how funny is that? You take care and get some rest when you can, we love you all and hope to be together as soon as possible. We'll take a trip to Candy Mountain! ha Kisses and hugs to all, Kathleen

Vicki said...

Ok, Jason ~
WAY too funny! Love the video. I laughed. You made that? It's really funny!

Hang in there! Prayers are coming your way too!

Yes, it is hump day and now it's Thursday!!