Monday, November 10, 2008

Third Floor, Kitchenware and Cutlery....

Surgical Admissions gave us this.   It's a pager to let us know that the doctor(s) has an update for us.  Don't they give you one of these at Olive Garden?  All of a sudden I'm not so sure I want the hospital's lasagna.

"They promised me paisleys that would match the drapes.  My insurance will hear about this!"

"All this and hospital food, too?"
"Casey has no idea what she'll be donating in a few years."

"This doesn't look like any day spa I've ever seen."


Heidi said...

Go girl! Kick surgery butt! Love ya!

Lonye said...

Hey Christy,

You were the first person I spoke to when i was evaluated at stanford back in 2004, you gave me hope and inspiration even though it wasnt time yet I thank you! I wish you the best recovery ever and I always pray for you and your family.

Casey is getting so big! Shelby is 6, its amazing how fast they grow up :-(. Take care!

Lonye(AKA: Corvetteman)

P.S. I am doing good and will be posting some pics soon!

brad said...

Hi Christy

I love the Outfit. I think I wore the same dress when I had my lung removed, : }
I know You and Your Mother will Do Great.... Like Mother Like Daughter...

I wish You both a speedy recovery..

Hugs and Much Love

Brad,the ol Cf guy

Lisa J. said...

Hey I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you and praying for you! Gotta love the hospital gowns. And that pager deal.....kind of creepy!