Monday, November 10, 2008


The pager went off!!! We just saw the surgeon. She said everything is fine, but the kidney is a little fragile. It doesn't take to movement very well. There is also a minor concern over her breathing. The surgeon wouldn't go into great detail other than they're going to hook her up to a different machine for ventilation. Once they're confident that she's breathing normally, they'll take out the breathing tube. She said it is nothing to worry about, though.  They are moving Mom to ICU in a little while and then we will be able to see her. I am so glad this is almost over with. Thank you so much for all of your support and prayers.



Princess Talana said...

Thanks for the updates Casey and Jason! Sending prayers your way from Oregon... (although I've been to the Duke gardens a few times).


Stacy said...

Casey, Thanks for the update sweetie, praying for your mom and grandmother, and a hug to u I send as well :) (went to highschool with your mom)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update... a lot of people are praying for your mom and grandma..they are going to be fine. If you get bored or want to talk call me 781-538-5131...xo

brad said...

Hi Casey
Thank You for the update on Your Mom. I know She is going be up and around in no time, I hope She feels better real soon. Please Let Your Mom
know that all of Her Cf Buddies are thinking about Her and Praying For
Her and Your Family......


Somer Love said...

Keep your chin up Casey!!!

Your mom is SO strong!!! Praying for all you guys!!