Friday, November 28, 2008

Mania Shmania

My mania has taken over the past couple of days. Yes, this prednisone is making me totally manic. My mind won't slow down, I am talking too fast, I can't sleep at night. I never knew what people who suffer from Bipolar disorder go through when they have manic episodes.. I probably still don't.. but I do have a clue now. Even though I go down to 25 mg of prednisone on the 10th of December, I probably won't notice much difference until I get to about 15 mg which will be sometime in January.

On the plus side of that, I am on the treadmill everyday and just have tons of energy to get things done. I still cannot push, pull, or lift more than 5 lbs., but am not finding that too hard. Cooking and minor cleaning is easy. I am getting in much needed shape after a lot of muscle wasting over the past year. In about 3 weeks, I can start adding some pilates to my workout, so that will really help.

Casey went shopping today with her cousins. She was really excited. It worked out really good that I went the other night. I was able to avoid the crowds today, which I'm sure were just swarming with colds and other viruses. One of Casey's Christmas presents isn't available online until the middle of January, and the store at the mall isn't putting it on the shelves until Sunday night. Jason is off work on Monday, and he, Casey and I will go to the mall after I pick her up from school. She and Jason can just go do their thing while I do some shopping for her.

As far as Christmas lists go, I know what I'm getting most people. Jason is actually the hardest to shop for. I think men tend to be pickier than women about some things. Anything related to his PS3 though would probably be a hit.

Jason is at work, and I really need to get out of the house. I am not released to drive yet, and it's driving me crazy. We will go somewhere tomorrow.. maybe just run errands, and out to dinner, but at least it will get me out of the house. I am trying to avoid going out to eat too much, because I'm on a low sodium diet and it's very hard to eat low sodium when you are at a restaurant. Sunday, we are having a late lunch with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving since everyone was sick on Thanksgiving day. They are all feeling better!!

I'm off to do the treadmill. I'm really putting some miles on that thing. It's amazing how much more useful it is as a piece of exercise equipment as opposed to a place to hang clothes! :)


Genevieve said...

I miss the treadmill so bad!

Yeah...I know all about the pred mania, lol.

Laryssa said...

Glad to hear that you've got so much energy even if it is mostly because of the pred right now; though it could also be because of that new kidney! Good luck with the shopping for Jason. I've only got hubby left to shop for and for the first time I haven't got a clue what to get him. Guess I'll be doing lots of online searching during the next week or so.

Katelyn said...

I hate being on predisone. I hope you get a good, full night of sleep without night sweats or freaky dreams. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I up mine:) I need your motivation..especially to get on a treadmill. God bless Jay when they up mine, I don't get hyper I get don't realize it but he does within a day and so does the fam.
Good luck shopping for Jason. I have that same problem with Jay. A few months ago I sold his big gift from last year on ebay b/c he let it collect dust on the shelf for 8months. So I made money on it...I don't think he would of noticed if I wouldn't of told fun

Shea said...

I'm sorry about the mania. I hope you can wean down soon and feel better. You are right, it hard to go low sodium and eat out. I rarely use salt at home, but whenever I am on vacation, I really swell.