Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday update

I am having some pain today that I haven't had. It's more than incision/surgical pain, so if it persists, I'll be calling the nurse this weekend. I did get out some today to run some errands and take Casey where she needed to go. My mother-in-law drove us around. I still have a lot of energy from the prednisone, but am also seeing more side effects. I definitely have the "moon face" now and am manic a lot of the times. It is hard to concentrate on a tv show or anything for a long period of time. I also had a hard time sleeping last night. I know that prednisone is helping me heal, and is helping my body accept this new organ, so I'm thankful for it. You just have to take the good with the bad. :)

We aren't going to Virginia tomorrow. I feel like I should spend the day with Jason and Casey. We three haven't had time together in awhile. Plus, my doctors don't want me in crowds right now, and there are going to be a lot of people at my grandparent's house. I will really miss seeing them, but also know that I need to stay well.

Casey is at her "Twilight" party tonight. She went to see the movie and has an after party. Jason and I will pick her up tomorrow morning. We will then spend the day together, and Casey has a book club meeting tomorrow night. Her social life is quite busy these days. haha.

I had dinner delivered to me last night and tonight. People from my church have been so generous to help out. I think we are set now for the weekend as far as meals go.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!!!

I talked with the nurse coordinator about my pain, and she seems to think that my stent may have moved and is irritating my bladder. She said that's not uncommon. I am supposed to increase my fluid intake, and will have to go to the local ER tomorrow for a urine culture to rule out infection if the pain gets worse. I'm so happy she didn't want me to come to the ER tonight. I would hate to go sit 4 hours in a waiting room and pick up the flu or something worse, and then this turn out to be just my stent moving around and nothing more.

Casey called and said the movie was awesome. She said of course it wasn't as good as the book, but would see it probably 100 times. haha.


Laryssa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't overdue things; your body still needs time to heal even though it seems you have so much energy. Some meds are great at one thing and bad at others. And more than anything, enjoy your family time tomorrow. I hope Casey enjoyed the movie. I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. God bless!

brad said...

Hi Christy

Glad your not sitting a germy ER
tonight. Yuk , seems like I go there or take anyone else. I pick up a germ.
I hope the pain is nothing to worry about, and the pain goes away with the extra fluids.
I just took a dose of Pred,
so, I'm Hungry.Surprise huh...

I hope You have a Nice trip up here to Virginia..
I'm still putting the good words to the Big Guy.
Your my New Hero !!


Lisa J. said...

I would be careful going to the ED too! If you have pain still maybe your dh could drop off a specimen or something. I dunno! you sure don't want an infection now.