Friday, November 14, 2008

The Dead Has Awakened

Christy just finished her second "outing" for the day.  A little after 6 pm she walked one lap on the floor with the nurse.  She completed another two laps about 30 minutes ago.  We had to crack the whip both times to get her out of the bed, but she proved herself a real trooper.  We are at one end of the hall in this shot.  The floor is laid out in a triangle pattern.  One lap is, of course, 3x this distance.  When your side is in stitches and you've been under for almost four days, this is doing great!

This morning I asked God for two things.  The first thing was for visitors.  The second thing I asked was for someone to come relieve me for one night.  

Request #1: One of our pastors from church, Larry, paid us a visit this evening.  He brought us couple of short books and some muscadine sauce that his father makes and sells out of his own vineyards.  I've heard of jelly, but sauce?  I forgot to ask but maybe it would be good served with a grilled steak or chicken breast.  Also, the parents of one of Christy's best friends from Virginia came a callin', too.  

Request #2: Renee, Christy's sister, called me and said she will be driving up tomorrow.  I think her husband and children are coming as well.  Renee asked me if I wanted her to step in for me for a while.  Long story short: Renee will spend Saturday night here in the room with Christy.  I will be going to a hotel room to pass out.

I'm not trying to put down or shun any of our friends or family by mentioning this; Christy and I do not think any less of someone because they don't come to visit.  It's a long drive from our home to Durham, NC.  I know they have lives and responsibilities.  I think if I had asked God for a truckload of telephone poles, He'd have had one roll by the hospital as I was looking outside.  He might have gone so far to park one on the street out front.  God is providing Christy and I with a lot of little things.  His involvement in our lives at this time is huge for us and I really want to acknowledge His presence and His work.

Christy is down to one I.V. tube, however, she has three or four sites still accessed.  They're now using her port which has really helped with the comfort.  We've also gotten rid of the air casts that were on her legs since she is up and moving about, now.  The air casts were wrapped around her calves and a machine would periodically inflate and deflate them to increase circulation in her legs, thus reducing the risk of blood clots.  We also have exorcised the demon, that was the vitals monitor, and have sent it back to the infernal depths from which it came; the storage closet down the hall.  Now we'll get some peace and quiet.  Some, anyway.  With Christy being freed from so many wires and tubes and pipes and conduits and machines and bags and hoses, it's a lot easier to get her in and out of the bed.

Christy is awake but still slow.  Some little things pass right through her short term retention.  But she is remembering most of her experiences, now.  She still wants to sleep a lot and that could be her body healing, too.  I would venture to say that going into this surgery, Christy's mother was in much better physical condition than Christy was.

Based on Christy's progress so far, Monday is looking like the earliest discharge date that we might get.  I'm holding out for Sunday.  How much more active and stronger Christy becomes in the next 36 hours will determine that.  Please keep saying your prayers.



Shea said...

Reading about your faith is a great comfort to me. I am so glad that you are going to get relief for a night. I am sure you will come back refreshed and much more able to be there for Christy. I am also very happy to hear that Christy got out of bed and is walking. I hope that you are able to go home as soon as possible and enjoy the holiday season.

brad said...

It's great to see Christy up and moving around and she is smiling.
I see she is also not using O2, that
is amazing after be tied to the bed by all the machines as she was.

Being tied down has a way of draging the old O2 sats down.
Christy is looking great, I am sure that has a lot to do with having You there with her Jason.
You are one of the good guys.

I do hope you had a restful night
with no beeping and buzzers ringing in your ears. those sounds can really get to you after a while.

I hope You Both have a nice
calm week end.


Margaret said...

Christy its so wonderful to see you on your feet and walking, thats a big one. So glad Renee will be back today, you will be in good hands with her also. Sorry Jeanette and me had to leave but she had to go to work Wed. I pray all goes well and you go home tomorrow.
Always Aunt Margaret