Saturday, November 22, 2008

Check back tonight

Jason will be posting the 3rd "Charlie the Unicorn" tonight. It's funny how the little things get him so excited. LOL.

Today is a slow day. Casey is working on a project, Jason is doing things around the house and I'm resting at the moment. My pain is much better today, so I see no ER visit in the near future. :)

Casey had a great time at her Twilight party. She got home around 11 this morning. She will have her book club meeting tonight, and then tomorrow, she, Jason and I are going to have Thanksgiving dinner here. Casey's cousins are coming in from Pennsylvania, so she will be at her dad's house with them on Thanksgiving. I can't have any of my family over tomorrow. My sister and her husband are both sick and now my dad is getting sick. I sure hope my mom doesn't get it. I know her body isn't as strong as it could be yet.


Kelly said...

Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog..It gives me great peace to know that people are lifting me up in prayer on my darkest days...

I hope that you are feeling good today - I can't imagine all that you have been through. You are amazing! We will continue to pray for your health - and it looks like your family could use some prayer for health now too, so we will include them! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.

God bless!
Kelly and family

Jason said...

nutzy im sure the pain will get better each day, resting is one way LOL to help. but when your on the prednisone all you want to do is get up and do something.
tell casey id never see that movie there aint no way i would, movies like that scare me and keeps me awake, i cant watch unsolved mysteries if im home alone, ill explain aother time but it scares me. HA they show alot about ghosts and hauntings....
im happy your feeling better with the pain and no ER. just try and rest some.
tell jason i love the charlie videos.

Heidi said...

Hey Christy.....did Casey see that has a Twilight background?