Friday, November 14, 2008

New Day?

It's a new day ........ sort of.  The catheter is out.  But we're still waiting to get up and get walking around.  Neither one of us slept last night, and now that it's day, again, there is a knock on the door every 15 minutes.  So much for a nap.

Anyway, the docs now believe that the pain meds were only contributing to the dopiness.  It would appear that the miracle drug Prograf has been behind her lessened mental and neurological functions.  The doctor has put in the order to start to decrease her dose when he saw that the blood labs were real high in Prograf.

Christy's nurse wants to get us out for a walk around the floor after lunch (12:30/1:00?).  I have now been told that once she gets to moving around, she can come off the vitals monitor.  That darn thing is the cause of a lot of sleeping issues.  If there is any change in Christy's breathing pattern, which is normal going from a waking to a sleeping state, it alarms.  If Christy rolls on her side, IT ALARMS!!!  Not a very intelligent machine.  So I trained myself on how to operate it.  I found that you can adjust how sensitive it is.  And when Christy is awake, I make it "relearn" her breathing pattern.  When she's asleep, "relearn" again.  When you're in ICU and constantly asleep there is no problem with it.  

My next task is to master the I.V. machine.  Talk about an overly sensitive piece of equipment. Even the slightest variation in the flow of solution sets it off.  Just take my word for it, it's as annoying as it is useful and necessary.  I've learned how to clear a few of the alarms, and I'm still learning.

I spoke with Christy's mother, Gail, this morning.  She is doing very well.  She's up and walking around.  She's even been on the treadmill a bit.  Gail said she hasn't taken any pain killers since Tuesday.  Amazing, it is.

On that note, Christy's pain is minimal anymore.  She hasn't taken anything for pain since late last night.  But it made her high, and she wanted the computer.  So I gave in and put it in her lap.  She ended up just staring at it with her fingers poised on the keys.  I typed in the blog address for her so she could read it.  Again, blank stare.  Must be some GOOD drugs.

Okay, the nurse just came in and out again.  She said she'll try to run interference and keep people out so we can rest a bit.  I'm going to do that.

One last thing:  Charlie The Unicorn episode 2.  Yes, it just as stupid, and just as educational.  I think the moral to these stories is this:  Never trust a unicorn.



brad said...

Good Morning Jason

Those vitals monitors will drive you nuts.I hope you get some rest.

Well all in all, it sounds like Christy is moving the right direction. Those pain meds can really
mess with your head, I was on them, it seemed I could watch a tv show in my mind even after it went off.

It is a New day,just take it one step at a time..
I hope You Guys get to take a
stroll today. That would be great.

Brad the ol Cf guy

Anonymous said...

I hear ya brother! Operating those things and knowing how to kill and set the alarms sure makes a stay more livable! Some of the staff don't like us touching those things though... ;) On the other hand, we're usually the ones alerting them that something needs to be dealt with when the alarms go off...

I hope that Christy continues to recover quickly and that you both get to go home and get some REAL sleep in your own bed, without interruption!

Amanda said...

hey there Jason. You don't know me but I'm Amanda from cf2chat. I'm so glad that Christy has you there with her. Figuring out those machines is wonderful. Even if its just the silence button. Tell her I have been praying for her and I hope that she bounces back fast. We all miss her.

Margaret said...

Christy and Jason,I Pray all went well with the walk, and each day gets better. Sleep helps every thing, so try and get a nap often. Jason, Thanks for the update.Aunt Marg.

Debbie said...

Glad to hear that things went so well today. I will continue to pray for Christy's recovery & your rest.