Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Look Back

It's Saturday afternoon, now.  Christy and I REALLY slept in today.  Another long night last night.  Even in a hotel away from the hospital you still have to settle in.  Christy is still unsteady when walking around.  She's better today than last night.  I still keep an eye on her when she's walking around. So we just finished washing Christy's hair and she's going to do the rest of cleaning herself up.  Hopefully this will get her to feeling better.  Check back later this evening.  Christy is itching to post on here with her perspectives.  I'm sure it'll consist of little more than "I don't remember a thing."  :)  heehee

Below are some pics that I have taken throughout the week. Christy saw them on the computer and she wanted to share them.

This was about 7 or 8 o'clock Monday night in the ICU.  Yes, she was intubated.  It was a precautionary measure more than anything.  Nurse Jeff on the right was the one that saw to Christy that first night.  Shortly after this shot, I started to talk to Jeff, and Christy tried to sit up.  I guess she recognized my voice.  Jeff, and a doctor that was standing there, were surprised by this because she was so heavily sedated and intubated.  I guess it shows you how strong willed she is.  Now you know what I have to put up with at home.

This was taken Saturday evening as we were waiting on Transport to bring up the wheelchair and take us out.  I'm holding the button that administers pain killers on demand at the patient's discretion; aka PCA.  The I.V. machine is shut down here.  I was going to do something funny with this, but it has since left me.  Christy just wants my face on here somewhere.  If anyone can come up with a funny caption, I'd love to hear it.

This was taken Tuesday morning just before lunch.  Again, this was in the ICU.  Casey had to leave later that day.  I saw the moment and had to capture it.  It wasn't posed.  Casey REALLY wanted to talk to her mother before she had to leave.  Instead, Casey got a lot of incoherent babbling and some very clearly understood comments that no one should hear, especially a 13 year old!  They were funny, but very embarrassing. 

This is was on the third floor waiting room outside Momma Gail's room.  Casey and I just got kicked out of the ICU due to visiting hours being over.  Renee was getting ready to leave to go home, and Casey to go with her.

Again, check back later to hear from Christy.


kat said...

jason what beautiful pictuers you take, i am amazed with every one of them. its so good to see pictures of nutzy with a smile on, she looks so good. enjoy the quiet of the hotel room, no more nurses or doctors coming and going 24/7

brad said...

Looking Good !!!

I bet you Guys slept a lot Sunday too.
I hope You had some real food Jason.
It took a long time to get to this point,it will take time to get well Christy, One Day at a Time.

I wish You Both a good Evening,
and I hope all tests tomorrow are All Good !!!

Looking forward to hearing from You Christy.
Your a Good Guy Jason.

Nite Nite Ya'll